2024 Social Leagues Info

Social Leagues are run 4 times a year based around School Terms , We try and get a minimum of 9 nights of competition where possible.

General Rules:

  • Teams are not required to be in uniform – However extra competition points are given to those who are. (Uniform defined as common playing Top)
  • We will supply balls for games and warm ups – sign out before game , must be returned as soon as game is finished – If not returned you will be charged replacement cost
  • For Social grades we supply the referees – Competitive grades will be required to do duty either before or after their game (4/5 times for a 9/10 week league)
  • PN Volleyball reserve the right to move teams up or down grades to ensure fair competition.
  • Teams that have not paid their full fees by Week 3 will not get any Competition Points and will not be eligible for Semi Finals.

Player Eligibility:

  • There is NO Criteria For Mixed Teams – They will play in the Division “suitable to their level”. Players In Division 2 Teams can have a maximum of 1 Division 1 player on court .
  • Players from Division 1 and 2  can NOT also play in Social Grade Teams (Div 3 and below) There will be some players whom we will refuse to allow to play in lower grades due to skill level ( Spiking)
  • Division 4 and 5  can only have a maximum of 1 player from a higher grade in them. (More than 1 needs prior approval – Fair Teams in Grades is Priority!) Players from Div 1/2 who are over 50 years of age are exempt this rule
  • Our Aim is to Provide Fun Competitive Volleyball with even Grades.

Local Rules:

We play to FIVB Rules with changes made for time limitations (3 sets or 55 Minutes whichever comes first – Note all 3 sets count for points)

No Jump Serving Allowed Below Div 1/2.

Teams on Duty are required to have 2 referees. Failure to do so will result in loss of referee point.


At the end of Each league we will be doing a prize draw open to all teams (who have paid fees and followed our other requirements) based on the total number of teams entered.

Team Registration FormHere

Current League – Social League 2024