COVID 19 – Protocols

Covid Level 2 Restrictions 

Please read the following carefully and ensure your Team is aware of the requirements for playing under Covid level 2.

The B& M Centre and Ballroom will be 2 separate venues , there will be NO Movement between the 2 venues. You will be required to sign into the venue at your court


We are required to keep below 100 people in each stadium including organisers.

Game times will be Changing. See The Draw .

Access to the venues will be open from 10 Minutes before your game time (ie 5:55pm , for 6:05pm game , remembering that the five 5 minutes of your game is warm up time.) You will not be allowed in before!

When games have finished (or the buzzer goes for end of game time) you will have 5 minutes to exit before the stadium Controller gets grumpy! (Please we don’t want grumpy stadium Controllers)….

The only People allowed to remain in the stadium will be referees for the next round and our PN Volleyball Organisers.

Teams will be required to Sign in at the Court you are playing On. This will be done via your Team Registration Forms that were entered on the website. If your Team registration is not up to date you can redo it with any new players until Midday Monday. If a player does not appear on your Team list they will not be allowed in the stadium!.

For those that play in 2 teams you will be required to leave the stadium between games and resign in again. (If games are first and last rounds you will have to leave after the first and return for the last round at 8:25pm.

We will be wiping the Balls between rounds, Your personal hygiene is your responsibility, There is soap and water in the toilets / Change rooms. At this stage masks are not required. This may change.

Entrance to the Ballroom (lower Roof 5 courts) will be through the normal entrance to the Stadium.

Entrance to The B & M Centre will be the Double Doors beside the large roller door.

See Map: Click to enlarge