COVID 19 – Protocols (Updated 5/12/21)

Covid Level 2 Restrictions 

Please read the following carefully and ensure your Team is aware of the requirements for playing under Covid level 2.

The B & M Centre And Ballroom are now back as one venue

Entry / Exit is though the Main Doors

You will be required to sign into the venue either via scanning the QR code or via paper. We will also be checking off team lists. 

Arena has Set The Following Rules for Us to Be Able To Play:

The following directives apply to all bookings and events and are subject to change based any updates or clarification received from Government.  

  • Vaccine pass verification for all people 12 years of age and over. 
  • Proof of identity i.e photo ID, drivers licence, passport, student ID may be requested for entry. 
  • People with a valid medical exemption are included in the verification process through the Ministry of Health app. 
  • Proof of identity i.e photo ID, drivers licence, passport, student ID may be requested for entry. 
  • No letter or other form of medical exemption is acceptable
  • Children 11 years of age and under are exempt. 
  • No unaccompanied minors 
  • Face masks are encouraged to be worn at all times, except when consuming food or beverage. 
  • All people must have their vaccine pass verified using the authorised app. This includes all event organiser staff, suppliers, contractors and attendees.
  • Regular users of our facilities may adopt their own process where their participants/ attendees have been verified, but this must be signed off by the Venue before implementation to ensure compliance at the highest level 
  • All people must also scan in using the NZ COVID tracer app. Manual registers will be available for those unable to scan. 
  • A register must be kept for all event organiser staff, suppliers and contractors evidencing their vaccine pass status. The venue retains the right to request such evidence or carry out audits at its discretion. 
  • All staff involved in events, including suppliers and contractors, must have had their first vaccine before 3 December 2021 and their second vaccine by 17 January 2022 to be eligible to work at an event.
  • For any person classified as staff, proof of having the first vaccine can be obtained from their Doctor orauthorised online portal 
  • The appointment card people receive when getting their vaccine, is not a valid form of proof
  • Adherence to our standard terms and conditions to hire and entry. 

This means to play on Monday you will need both your Covid Vaccine Certificate and Proof of I.D – (Photo ID acceptable is Drivers License , Passport , student ID.)



ALL Players and Referees will Be Required to Wear a Mask upon Entry and Exit (Take Mask Off to Play, Put Mask back on to Leave). This is a requirement of our Stadium Hire.

Game times will be changing. See The Draw .

Teams will be required to Sign in at the Entrance. This will be done via your Team Registration Forms that were entered on the website. If your Team registration is not up to date you can redo it with any new players until Midday Monday. If a player does not appear on your Team list they will not be allowed in the stadium!.

We will be wiping the Balls between rounds, Your personal hygiene is your responsibility, There is soap and water in the toilets. Change rooms will be locked.