Social League 3 2021

COVID-19 Protocol – Please ensure you are familiar with.

Draw For: L3 August 2nd v3

Team Registration – Here

Dates – Starts August 2nd

8 weeks of play , (Minimum 9 Games per Team)

Finishes 27th Sept

Fees – Due August 16th

  • Division 1 – 5 Graded Competitive¬† – $260
  • Division 6 – 7 Graded Social – $320 (No Dutys)

Bank Details HERE For Online Banking.

Teams Entered
 Division 1Division 2Division 3 - Pool ADivision 4 - Pool ADivision 5 (Competitive)Division 6 (Social)
1X MenApia300+PlanterAllsortsSVT
2PanthersTigersVinciblesGobblersLock and LolAllied
3Massey Mens AHit N MissOS GirlsPNBHS Snr BGettin Diggy With ItMassey Spikers
4EaglesPNBHS Snr AMupsaNekokarasPNBHS Y9Massey Setters
5Local UsoThe Dj'sMassey Mens BFreyberg HS Boys A2PNBHS Y10Afghan Girls
6TWA TigersPool BPool BMassey Womens BFreyberg Hs Girls A
7PCA HaikyuMad FrogsServes You RightAyden BroAfghan Boys
8LAC RoyalsFijian WarriorsThe Ball BrothersTAAT
9Massey Womens AFreyberg HS Boys A1Black Bulls
10Nearly FitTu Thunder
Lil Schweaties
11Bettys Merry MenWill Work For Sets