Intermediates 2021

Draw For: IVB April 12th Draw

2021 Term 1 Dates:

February 15th, 22nd,

March 1st, 8th, 15th ,29th

Finishes April 12th

Term 1 Info: IVB Term 1 2021 info
Team Registration Form  – Here  (For download)

Games Start:  3:55pm Round 1 (If Court Space)

                          4:40pm Round 2 (If Required)

 General Information

Intermediates Volleyball is for Years 7 and 8 . Years 5 and 6 are welcome

Played in the B &M Centre on Pascal St starting at 3:55 and 4:40pm (if a second round is required) . This comprises five minutes warm up on the court and forty minutes for a game.

Intermediate Volleyball is played on a net height of approx 2.10metres.

A game consists of three “sets” with the first 2 sets being up to 25 points. – First team to 25 (and ahead by 2, Max 27 points) wins the set. The third Set is only to 15 but must win by 2 points (No Cap) . A point is awarded for every rally played to the Team winning the rally whether they served or not.

It is played on a full size volleyball Court (9 x 9 metres per side) with allowance made for serving – on the 1st serve the player can come 2 metres into the court, 2nd serve is 1 metre and 3rd serve is from back of court. (Behind the baseline)

Molten-v5m1500 We play a maximum “5 serve’s” rule to encourage competition.

Teams consist of 6 players on the court and substitutes rotating on for serve

Palmerston North Volleyball supplies Referees and Balls as required. (We recommend the Molten V5M1500 training Ball)

Basic Rules

IVB Rules 2015 V2

Coaching Information

VB Basic Skills 1a VB Basic Skills 2a